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Colourwave Senetti webisode

Colourwave Senetti® webisode

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Colourwave Senetti webisode

Senetti® pericallis


Colourwave Senetti webisode

Senetti® Flower Launch

Senetti® is the brand name given to a completely new collection of pericallis hybrids.The aim of this brand is to put across the fact that this is an entirely new group of varieties obtained by cross-breeding.

The genus pericallis was formerly called Senecio but it has been re-classified in recent years, and they are known for being winter and spring flowering plants. Until recently all material was raised from seed, Senetti® is the first pericallis to come from vegetative cuttings Senetti® has the potential to overtake the seed raised group in terms of volume.


Senetti® is bred by the innovative plant breeding company Suntory® Flowers Ltd, from Japan. Suntory® bred the first vegetatively propagated Trailing Petunia called Surfinia®, Verbena’s Tapien® and Temari®, Viola called Violina® and the very first calibrachoa hybrids to the world’s market place, called Million Bells®.

The secret of Senetti® is that it is the first genuine re-blooming pericallis. It also has better branching, larger blooming and more tolerance to a wide range of temperatures and is easy to cultivate in North America.

Senetti® has now been on the North American market since 2004 and its development is almost as explosive as that previously experienced by the Surfinia® Petunia.

Snetti® will open up new markets. It has now become a firm consumer favorite thanks to its rich and long lasting blooms, excellent garden performance and undemanding nature. Every consumer who buys or receives Senetti® is bound to want this magnificent product in their garden again next year. This has been indicated by consumer research! In addition to being popular as a pot plant, Senetti® is also emerging as a popular bedding plant best suited to the outdoors in semi shade.